Attesting services - Requirements, demands for payment, and notices

Attesting services - Requirements, demands for payment, and notices

Here at the Commercial Notary Public Office No. 31 of the State of Nuevo Leon we are aware of the needs of our clients that usually are law firms or legal departments of large companies for which reason we make available for you the services of making requirements, demands for payment, and notices. These services are rendered pursuant to and in accordance with the law to prevent our instruments be void because of mistakes at the moment of their preparation.

Because we are dealing with a document prepared by a Federal Public Attestor as is the case with a Commercial Notary Public, said document is treated as a Public Instrument and is conclusive evidence in any Court of Justice.

Our fees are based on the amount of hours invested and if the service is rendered locally or outside the metropolitan area of Monterrey.

We can determine a preferential rate in case we deal with a large volume of notices. Please, feel free to request a quote in order to find out more about your specific needs and prepare an accurate estimate.

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