About Us

We are the Commercial Notary Public Office No. 31 of the State of Nuevo Leon headed by the Commercial Notary Public No. 31 of the State of Nuevo Leon Attorney Marcelo Alejandro Estrada Navarro.

Our legal firm is authorized by the Federal Commercial Notary Public Law and its Regulations, to provide Legal and Commercial Appraisal services by means of Expert Appraisers of personal and real property. We also provide Attesting services in all commercial matters and companies (Sociedad Anónima or Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada) therefore, we can record all kinds of ordinary or extraordinary shareholders' meetings, incorporate any kind of commercial corporation, issue certifications of facts, prepare protests, powers of attorney, ratify contracts, replace lost commercial invoices, certify copies, make requirements, demands for payment, and notices of any kind. Likewise, the Federal Commercial Notary Public Law authorizes us to act as Arbitrators for the settlement of disputes between commercial entities and individuals or as Mediators to exchange propositions between commercial entities and individuals.

Broadly speaking, the Commercial Notary Public is an institution which by means of the powers granted by the Federal Commercial Notary Public Law, its Regulations and other Federal and Local Laws, acts as a mainstay of great importance for commercial entities and individuals as an institution whose services guarantee legal certainty and validity to business transactions in Mexico.