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Legal Counseling - Mexican Visas

Our firm Commercial Notary Public Office No. 31 of Nuevo Leon provides Mexican Visas Services for aliens wishing to stay in or visit Mexico for working purposes, vacations, financial dependence, investing etc.

The services we offer are:

  • Obtainment of work visa
  • Obtainment of economical dependent visa
  • Obtainment of tourist or business visitor visas FMM
  • Consular Visas (restricted nationalities)
  • Entrance and Departure Permits
  • Obtainment of Permanent residence Status (legal resident)
  • Adoption permit
  • Naturalization and Double nationality
  • Regularizations
  • Extensions of tourist, business visitor, FM3 (non-immigrant) and FM2 (immigrant) visas
  • Open and update Basic Files (companies with foreign employees)
Among others.

The Commercial Notary Public Office No. 31 can create a database with the expiration dates of all your foreign employees and inform you within 3 months in advance about each expiration in order to avoid fines, file applications on time and update any change the employee may have had according to Mexican Immigration Law.

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